We are very excited to announce our first full-time employee and new Assistant Producer, Laura Simpson! Laura first joined the company in the Winter of 2009 as a dancer for ‘Time Gentlemen Please’. She has since played a key role in creating and choreographing for ‘The Lock In’, ‘The Demon Barbers XL’ and ‘The Sleepover’ as well as performing and teaching for the company.

Laura has been working in our office part-time for the last 2 years and we are delighted to be able to offer Laura this full-time position. Her new role will involve tour booking, coordinating rehearsals, tour logistics, artist liaison, writing funding applications and networking as well as performing and touring in our shows.

If you are a promoter or festival and you are interested in working with us on our latest projects, please contact Laura on laura@thedemonbarbers.co.uk, she looks forward to hearing from you!