A few weeks ago we held our 4th inter-school rapper championships!

The competition was held at Shawland’s Primary School in Barnsley with special guests Ivor Allsop and The Earl of Scarborough! (Lord Scarborough is the new patron of Maltby Phoenix)

A great day and thanks to everyone for taking part :- )

Judges were Phil Heaton, Ron Day & Jenny Day.

Resident Tommy was Bob Dalrymple

Winners were:

Under 12s

Overall: Shawland Hellbillies, Shawlands Primary School, Barnsley

Stepping: Surf Squad, Larkshill Primary School, Pontefract

Buzz Factor: Maltby Phoenix Nestlings, Maltby, Rotherham

Under 18s

Maltby Phoenix

Maltby Phoenix Nestlings

Shawland Hellbillies & Ivor Allsop

Larkshill Surf Squad, Hellbillies, Maltby Phoenix & Nestlings

Maltby Phoenix

Maltby Phoenix & Lord Scarborough


Photos courtesy of Ron & Jenny Day

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