We recently came across Chris Moyles Hip Hop Morris Battle video on you tube and thought it quite funny, although not quite as funny as the Harvestival one done last year.

But don’t take our word for it, check them both out below.

Harvestival’s Morris Battle (Very funny)

Chris Moyles’ Morris Battle (Not quite as funny as the other one)

Apart from not being quite as funny as the other one Chris’ dance style is severely lacking in a number of areas; height, poise and virility for starters and let’s not assume that because he is ‘flying solo’ that his lines are in good order. In short his dancing skills are in serious need of a makeover.

Luckily for Chris we came across his video and we are holding out our hand by inviting him back to his home county to spend a day honing his skills.

If he survives the day he will receive 2 tickets to one of our shows and we may even consider him for a cameo role, possibly involving a bladder on a stick or some sort of fantastic animal costume. If he tries his very best but fails he will receive a pair of hand embroidered handkerchiefs as a remembrance

In the unlikely, and quite honestly ludicrous, event that he doesn’t take up this challenge we will in all probability think very much less of him than we do now.

So Chris, the handkerchiefs have been thrown down, the swords have been drawn and the baldrics are well and truly in your court. We will meet anywhere at any time! (preferably between 9am – 5pm, Mon-Fri in Leeds, although Huddersfield on a Wednesday evening might be OK. Actually thinking ahead, Haworth may be preferable as I live there and if you get tired we can go and take a look at the steam train that was used in The Railway Children).

Anyway, back to the challenge!

Below we have given a selection of traditional dances from our show. You are required to choose a minimum of two.

Anyone wishing to encourage Chris please use the buttons below.

You can also email Chris direct, @ him on twitter or use one of the many ways given on his website to make contact.

The Dances!

1. ‘Hip Hop’ Morris

2. Rapper Sword

3. English Clog

4. ‘Pool Cue’ Longsword