Two Brothers

Traditional ballad from the singing of Nic Jones about two brothers, jelousy, a fight, death and consequence. Additional second verse written by Damien Barber

From the album:

WAXED 2005

First studio album and debut for Ben Griffith on drums. ” Recorded with space and rewarding clarity by Oliver Knight it is an album rich in texture and variety. This is not folk rock, not just electrified trad, but something fresh, new and challenging. Nine tracks. Every one a gem. Overlook it at your peril!” Nigel Schofield, Free Reed

Rise Up

Lyrics by Damien Barber and inspired by Kett’s Rebellion, a 16th Century uprising in Norfolk that saw 16,000 peasants storm and hold Norwich City 4 weeks in protest over the enclosures laws that saw common land being stolen by already wealthy landowners. They were finally forced oto retreat out of the city by the Earl Of Warwick’s superior, mercenary forces with the battle eventually culminating in the massacre of over 3000 rebels at the Battle Of Dussingdale in 1549. Robert & William Kett, the landed ring leaders, were tried and found guilty of treason and hung from Norwich Castle and Wymondham Abbey.

From the album:

The Adventures Of Captain Ward (2010)

“The Barbers have pulled out the stops as they bid to make as thrilling a racket on CD as they do on stage…throw in some vigorous tune sets, the stirring political steel of Pound a Week Rise, the irresistible chorus of Rise Up and a gloriously passionate Bryony Griffith vocal on Bonny Boy and you have something of a spectacular. BBC Music – Colin Irwin