Out theatre company, Breaking Tradition, has launched it’s debut Crowdfunder campaign!

The impact of COVID19 on Breaking Tradition

COVID19 completely stopped us in our tracks. During the summer, when we’d normally have been out and about at festivals and gigging all over the country with our new (sadly postponed) show Rise Up, we were – like you – stuck at home. We’d now be getting ready to hit the road with our Christmas show, and taking bookings for next year’s spring and summer folk festivals. Not this year. We miss you, our audience and community – and we expect you’re missing us too.

The pandemic has destroyed our business model. With no live shows, we have no money coming in – Damien has even been working as a gardener! – and we’ve lost many thousands of pounds in gig fees. But this hasn’t stopped our creativity and determination to entertain you.

An Arts Council England Emergency Grant saved us from disaster and helped us stay afloat during these difficult times but from December onwards we’ll have no money to make new work – or pay our outstanding dancers and musicians to put their talents to use.

This is where you – fans of Breaking Tradition, The Demon Barbers, The Lock In and our amazing folk community – can get involved.

Click here to visit our Crowdfunder page https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/help-breaking-tradition-create-a-new-outdoor-show

What we want to do

The folk tradition is resilient so we’re not going to take this lying down: if COVID means we can’t do what we normally do then we’ll be creative and adapt.

We want to make a new OUTDOOR show created for current restrictions, that keeps our folk traditions alive and our audiences safe.

You’ve seen the LOCK IN… now you can help us create LOCKED OUT!

What will the new show be like, we hear you ask?

Locked Out will be an entirely new show to suit our times. It will:

Be smaller scale, flexible and mobile
Designed for city centres, market squares, pub beer gardens and other outdoor locations
For smaller audiences: intimate and exhilarating
Contain all our Breaking Traditions hallmarks: bags of energy, live music, and of course…Folk & Hip Hop dance!
Be COVID-safe for performers, host venues and audiences

We’ve got some great material lined up but your help is needed now if we’re going to get Locked Out ready to launch in spring 2021 – and start earning again.

How you can be part of this

The great news is that Locked Out won’t cost loads to develop – but even that’s more than we’ve got right now. That’s where you, our fans and the wider folk community, come in. All over the country, 1000s of people are supporting the artists, companies and venues they love. We know that the folk community is incredibly generous: this summer, Folk on Foot raised an incredible £246,000 to create 3 online festivals and support folk artists through Help Musicians UK.

We now need your help to raise £4,500 to create LOCKED OUT and make sure we can get back on our (clogged) feet.

Your donations won’t only help us produce this new show but will give us a way to start earning again, and help safeguard the future of Breaking Tradition. And we’ve got some fantastic rewards lined up to show our gratitude.

Click here to visit our Crowdfunder page https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/help-breaking-tradition-create-a-new-outdoor-show

How we will spend your donations

Your generous financial support will make it possible for us to create a whole new ‘COVID-safe’ Breaking Tradition show for spring/summer 2021.

All money pledged will go directly towards:

Producing stunning new choreography and live music
Artistic development, script writing and rehearsals
Paying our amazing dancers and musicians proper wages for their work
Enlisting the sector-leading artistic talents of outdoor performance guru Mark Tillotson

Like all of the folk world, we’re used to doing things on a shoestring. We promise we’ll make your donations go a long way – and that the results, thanks to you, will be of the usual high Breaking Traditions quality that you’ve come to expect from us

By working together, combining our creativity, passion and energy, and your love of live performance and financial support, we’re sure we can do this – and that we’ll see you in a park, beer garden or town square near you in 2021!

Lots of love to you all, and stay safe.

Damien & The Demon Barbers x