We’ve just had our 3rd pressing of Disco At The Tavern!

To celebrate (and to make space for the new stock!) we’re giving away copies of our ‘+24db’ EP with every order.

Including our latest release…

Disco At The Tavern (2015)

Cover_web_small A collaboration with  Grammy Award winning producers Donal Hodgson and Kipper best know for their work with Sting.

“they’re like a folk analogue of Ian Dury and the Blockheads” Chris Nickson, fRoots

***** R2 Magazine

Running time approx 57 mins

£12 inc p+p


Captain Ward (2010)

“The Barbers have pulled out the stops as they bid to make as thrilling a racket on CD as they do on stage…throw in some vigorous tune sets, the stirring political steel of Pound a Week Rise, the irresistible chorus of Rise Up and a gloriously passionate Bryony Griffith vocal on Bonny Boy and you have something of a spectacular. BBC Music – Colin Irwin

Running time 45 mins

£10 inc p+p


Waxed (2005)

First studio album and debut for Ben Griffith on drums. ” Recorded with space and rewarding clarity by Oliver Knight it is an album rich in texture and variety. This is not folk rock, not just electrified trad, but something fresh, new and challenging. Nine tracks. Every one a gem. Overlook it at your peril!”  Nigel Schofield

Running time 58 mins

£10 inc P+P


Uncut (2001)

Debut album featuring original drummer Rich Ashby. Recorded ‘live’ with minimal takes and no drop ins or over dubs. “What makes the group special is that although they use electric bass and drums as rhythm section, they still have a very ethnic folk sound. This is electric folk that even some purists could enjoy.” Sing Out, USA

Running time 59 mins

£10 inc P+P

Or please send a cheque made out to The Demon Barbers to:Kala Sangam Arts Centre
St Peter’s House
1 Forster Ct

***FREE EP With every order***

+24db (2007)

“This EP marks a step forward for the band. +24db is only a short release – 6 tracks, 24 minutes – but it’s the best, and more consistent, of the Barbers’ releases so far. Mainly a collection of traditional tunes, the CD opens with Damien’s self-penned ’The Good Old Days’ – a great track with some gorgeous fiddle work and decent lyrics.” Bright Young Folk

Running time 24 mins


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