Dance Display - Harrogate Theatre – Harrogate – 13th May 2015

Oxford Street

Hornbeam Molly

Hornbeam Molly is a Knaresborough based mixed Molly team established in January 2010. They started performing publicly later that year and now appear regularly at festivals and other dance events with their repertoire of both traditional and more recently written dances.  The eye-catching colour scheme of the dancers’ outfits is based on the variety of colours displayed by the Hornbeam tree during the various seasons of the year; greens and browns of all shades.  They wear either masks or painted faces depending on individual taste. New dancers always welcome. If you would like to find out more go to their website.


Medusa Gothis Morris

Medusa Captain Cook(1)Medusa Gothic Morris is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. They are based in Knaresborough and have female dancers and a mixed band. Most of their dances have been written by the side’s founder, Sally Smith, and are danced to traditional and newly written tunes, all in minor keys. They dress in black with purple accessories. You can see them on Facebook – look for Medusa Gothic Morris. They welcome new members, both dancers and musicians. Please email if you would like to join them.